What we all seem to keep learning from the past should be that companies who care about the quality of the job they are asked to perform are going to be invited back. There’s no question in anyone’s mind that the thought of having to call a plumber, for some, can be agonizing. It doesn’t need to be that way. At the very least, we should always strive for customer satisfaction.  It shouldn’t be that much for a customer, (a real person) with an unpleasant plumbing problem to ask, should it? How hard is it for a plumbing company or for that matter, anyone in a service business, it to be nice to their customer who might be grappling with a persistent sewer problem?  What’s worse for someone with a stopped up drain than to hope that the person on the other end of the phone understands that there is a “sense of urgency here” and a little compassion might be in order?  Every service company should have a few simple rules to follow to give the person in need of emergency assistance some hope, and peace of mind that your important issue be solved as soon as possible.

• Greet the customer with a sincere and friendly hello:

“Hi, this is Angie, thanks for calling Newton Plumbing”

• Be courteous and listen carefully and let the caller speak their piece:

Be kind and let them know that help is on the way as soon as possible.

• Help the customer make an informed decision:

Give them the facts and do your best to accommodate their schedule. Most people are reasonable and they should be allowed to decide if you could help them by giving them as much information as possible and without pressure on the other end of the phone.

• Keep the Promise:

Don’t just say the words; inform the customer of the most realistic and best time of arrival that can be expected.  In other words: “Under promise and over deliver” Keep them informed as to the Plumbing Tecnician’s schedule. (Is he ahead of schedule, on schedule or running a little late?)

• Assess the Problem:

The Plumbing Technician needs to get the “green light” from the customer, before he begins the job, and then get to work!

• Use Reliable Tools -Top quality Parts & Materials:

This should be  “standard operating procedure” all of the time.

Do Good Work:

The successful companies who have been around for years are known for the customers they keep and are reliable.

• Leave the Work Area Cleaner Than You Found It:

When the job is done, make sure that the areas you, (the Plumbing Technician) have accessed are as clean or cleaner than the way you found them when you arrived.

• Take time to Say Thanks:

After all is said and done, all customers deserve every courtesy possible in this fast paced world we live in

• Follow Through:

Call back to see if the customer is completely satisfied with the end result. Be there to take care of any loose ends.

Final Analysis:

The 10 rules that we have expressed above are any customer’s “implied rights” and should be followed all of the time. Whether or not a prospective customer ends up calling Newton Plumbing, who by the way has been serving Los Angeles for over sixty (60) years and if we do nothing more here than educate other in our business how to treat a customer, certainly every customer deserves the best. Every prospective customer should know that:

“Someone Here Still Cares About Quality”

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